Revolutionary light demands revolutionary engineering.

Delta9 is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the Northeast USA.

We believe that horticultural LED lighting will fundamentally change the way we grow our foods and tackle climate change today. We have spent two years in precision, delicate engineering of this revolutionary system.

It all starts with an idea...

Here is a little story about us - humanity:

When we discovered agriculture; we invented engineering.

It all started 50,000 years ago..

When we discovered agriculture, we began our journey as thinking, creative beings that modified the environment to suit their needs.

Agriculture was the major discovery that enabled our minds to really take off; free from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the steppes.

As we gained the ability to store collective knowledge and developed language, maths and writing to manage our growing crops and peoples, we also applied this knowledge on becoming great scientists and engineers that understood the natural world.

It's all about where it's grown
Vertical Farming and Local Growing are game-changing technologies

With Vertical Farming and local "grow boxes" - we are re-defining where we grow, and more importantly, how and what we grow it.

As Urban vertical farming becomes more widespread, it will solve many of our environmental and societal challenges - the environmentally ravishing "old way" of growing food and the urban food desert and unemployment problems can be solved in a new virtous cycle.

We're at a unique time in history.
We gotta engineer our way out of a pinch.

We're experiencing a unique period: to be able to mantain our planet's habitability, and to solve our long standing social issues, we have to apply all of our engineering skills and that long-fought-for knowledge to fix the fundamental problems that threaten our progress out into the stars.


Technology and Engineering are the story of agriculture.

Rapid advances in technological and scientific development lead to an ever increasing food output from our crops, resulting in a virtous cycle in which as our populations grew; so did our knowledge and power over the environment.

Our success as we mastered natural pesticides and fertilisers helped us grow in population. As we discovered - and mastered - petrochemestry, we created pesticides, fertilisers and then artificial lighting to grow our crops.

High times are here!
The ongoing legaisation of Weed and Cannabis products continues.

It now is unstoppable. A trend that started in the late 2010s, has now proven itself to have momentum. All jurisdictions, worldwide, that legalise cannabis experience a boon in income, a reduction in crime and drug abuse.

Both Vertical Urban farming, and THC/CBD legalisation are one-of-a-kind opportunities to include historically-oppressed minorities in an even larger virtous cycle of urban renewal and regeneration in a sustainble way.

Problems: Meet solutions.

The technologies to solve the basic problems of our relationship with our food and environment are here, today, and can be engineered into solutions that perhaps aren't as glamorous as electric cars and wind turbines - these solutions can, and will have profoundly beneficial effects on both our planet, and our social environment for years to come, if they're properly engineered and deployed quickly enough - and they can be.

some assembly required:
To survive, we must re-think our relationship with our environment.

Ultimately, in the late decades of the 2010s going into the 2020s, the ecological impact of our activities hit a breaking point. Rising environmental devastation and resource scarcity along with a rising population are making us re-think how and where we grow our food.

What we eat, and how and where its grown are fundamental changes that we can all make, today - that will fundamentally help us fight climate change. Far more important than switching out to driving an electric car or adding solar panels to your house; eating locally grown, sustainbly grown food is the best thing any and all of us can do for our environment.

Coming back to Viridian...

That's where we come in. We're a small team of experienced, dedicated and passionate engineers and product managers from the lighting and horticultural industries with a vision to apply currently-mature technologies in the right way to solve one big problem all indoor growing technologies are still hampered by...

Delta9 - The Grow-Lamp: Re-engineered.

A two-year quest to re-imagine, and re-engineer grow lamp systems into the ultimate solar analogue.

Here are the key innovations which we have built into Delta9.

Each one carefully reasearched and thought over to bring actual value and useful features to growers.

Not all grow lamps are created the same. What our eyes might percieve as great light isn't necessarily true for plants.

Delta9's unique spectrum provides only the light that plants need. We don't use filters or lenses - simply we just put out just the right frequencies.

Our combination of LEDs delivers all of the luminous flux of our devices in just the right frequencies to not only stimulate - but control - plant growth.

Each led frequency group is individually controllable. You can simulate normal summer days, shorter fall days, target specific frequencies to stimulate vegetation or blooming, all with a single fixture.
It's all in the electronics. If you don't have the means of controlling the output - you don't have a grow lamp.

Our PDU design is absolutely disruptive. It enables us to use a standard, medical-grade safety and reliability rated PSU into a LED growing powerhouse.

The PDU is a smart, WiFi and Bluetooth equipped device that enables you to control each LED channel's output and timer individually.

The shipping firmware enables an html interface to assign profiles and customise them. Future updates will enable further functionality.
The Communications interface is open source.
A photon is a terrible thing to waste. After all the trouble we go through to generate them...

Precise optical design enables D9 lamps to deliver all of the flux in the right direction - foreward and do so smoothly and with an even PPFd distribution.

Our design is rectangular - designed to meet the shape of grow mats and mediums of all sizes and to replace two full 1kW HPS / MPS systems with a single 1kW design.

The square shaped light output also makes tiling and multi-lamping a breeze: PPF outputs line up evenly when covering wide areas - and using less lamps than using circular devices.
It's all about reducing the heat.

One thing that all growers must deal with is: Heat production. Heat causes damage to the plants, and increases the AC requirements of the growing room.

This is the heart of the lamp: a simulation-optimised heatsink, which we painstainkingly designed over many iterations to arrive at the optimal shape.

You will never worry about heat being a pain again: Lamps can be hung mere centimeters from your plants without damage.

A reduced heat mass will help you save on AC costs - and your LED fixtures will live many years in comparison to bulbs that burn away producing lots of wasted heat.

Hard enough having to grow your crops - why worry about electrics?

Growing is a full-time job. Taking care of your plants and making sure they grow huge and happy should be your first concern.

The last thing you need to want to wory about are electrical timers, mechanical on/off timers and the unreliability of such devices.

We've built a battery-powered clock into every single Delta9. All you gotta do is plug them into a normal C13/C14 cable and they're good to go:

Any lamp you add to your grow will instantly know what time it is - select the profile and you're set to grow!
For new room buildouts, there is no need to wire for any timing controls - just outlet plugs.
Equipped for the IOT future.

Grow lamps are just the start. In our vision; they will provide the backbone for data-driven smart agriculture.

All lamps are equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and Serial! Future firmware upgrades will enable advanced sensors and Mesh networks built on this backbone.

The firmware and communications interfaces that control the PDUs are open source:

Use our profiles, create your own. Create your own wireless mesh firmware! Or just set it to "always on" and use a mechanical timer.

Whichever way you choose to go - you will always be in control.

24h day per-hour output