By Growers; for growers!

Delta9 is a horticultural revolution: it will forever redefine your relationship with your growing environment, your plants, and everything around them.

We designed Delta9 to make life easier for growers: Our unique system helps growers of all plant species improve their yields and quality, while reducing the labour, maintenance, and expenses associated with growing.

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Growing is a competitive game:

Improve your yields!

Grow more.

With the d9 spectrum, your plants grow faster than sunlight - all year round.

Grow better.

Plants that are healthy and happy simply grow better: The combination of d9 light and very little heat production makes for very happy plants.


Each plant species is different in its light requirements. Select the specific spectrum for your crop and watch your yields explode.

Dependable results.

With virtually no variation or degradation in light output; delta9 delivers solid results year round, bumper crop after bumper crop

The Science of Light and plants
Consistent equipment; consistent results.

Dependable, Consistent Results.

Less Glare, More Green.

Your plants only grow when light shines on them, not on your eyes: Delta9's optics focus the light accurately on to their leaves for maximum efficiency.

Square-shaped light

That match the size of growing mats and trays. From close-up blooming to high-bay sea of green applications, you can always fit it perfectly under a Delta9.

Even Light distribution.

Your plants will recieve vastly more consistent light levels across the entire lightbox; in comparison to round bulb fixtures, that are strongest only in the center.

Long-term stability.

You can rely on the long-term stability of Delta9. The light output will vary little during its lifetime, following a predictable pattern; and without needing bulb replacements.

Explore: Delta9's optical design
In a nutshell:

Eliminate Re-lamping forever!

Long Lifespan

Each Delta9 device is guaranteed for 50,000 hours at full power: That's 5.7 years before its time to upgrade your Lighting solution to the the next generation delta9 System!

Veg/Bloom Switching

You can set each Delta9 fixture to either veg, bloom, or custom profiles: Change the light over your plants without having to switch lightbulbs!

Reduce the number of lights

You require less fixtures per grow area of the square-shaped delta9 than the round or oblong shaped bulb lights

Grow More Green.

The Bottom Line: Deploying Delta9 enables you to grow more green. From increased yields to electrical and environmental savings, it's just about helping you grow more green.

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Increased yield per area.

Delta9 provides up to 200% increased yields simply by stimulating plants to grow faster and happier.
How: The science of plants and light

Reduced Power and Cooling.

Delta9 systems produce far less waste heat than other lighting solutions. There's no heat damage to your plants; no expensive AC bill to pay, and no relamping costs!
Explore: Higher efficiency: happier growers.

Eliminate re-lamping and lamp rotation.

All Delta9 systems can be set to a specific spectrum profile. Switch entire grow sections or individual plants from veg to bloom cycles without having to switch bulb types.
Discover: Plants love Delta9's light!

No more downtime or maintenance!

Delta9 systems provide 24/7 performance non-stop for 5.7 years. There is no downtime needed for any type of maintenance or regular replacement of bulbs needed during normal operation.
Focus: Reliable and dependant.

Produce Anything, better.

Consistent, edge to edge PPFd.

You can enjoy even PPFd cover throughout the entire square aperture, and easily position adjacent lamps for optimal efficiency!

Growing Areas are Square.

So why are lamps round? Because they're designed around older technologies that were cylindrical! With Delta9, you get a square grow light area with precision aligned optics. All of the PPFd is efficiently spread out evenly across the entire grow zone.

Symmetry is beautiful.

With the square light zone, easily adjust the light to fit any number of grow styles from close-up germination and blooming to high-bay sea of green and trellis systems. In adjustable height installations, Delta9 efficiently covers all applications throughout the lifecycle of the plants from germination through harvest.

More Efficient means less power.

Delta9 systems replace up to 2kW of HPS or MPS lamps with a single 1kW unit with the better luminous efficiency and coverage at a lower W/m2, that needs no relamps or aggressive cooling.

Delta9 SmartPDU Back
Who needs spares anyway?

Reduce your lamps and spare parts inventories

Reduce your lamp count, eliminate the need for a spares inventory, and reduce your power usage per growth area overall.

Spare no thought.

You won't ever need a spare light bulb, holder, ballast, timer-controller, reflector or screen replacement part ever again!

Switch Spectrums; not bulbs.

You'll never have to have the traditional LPS and HPS/MH combo of two bulbs to change growing behaviours - your lighting systems will do it for you - all of them at the same time!

Grow more with less watts.

Reduce your power usage and your lamp count per grow area with delta9. Not only will you not need to replace bulbs - you'll need less lamps and less watts overall for the same area!

The ultimate self-installation.

This couldn't be any cooler:

It's all in the controls!

Each d9 system leverages our unique PDU design to deliver unparalleled convenience, customisation and intelligence to the grow lamp market.

Real time clock (with battery).

The D9 PDU always knows what time it is - and what part of the cycle it should be executing. It will always deliver the correct output for any given time of the day, even after a power loss.

Self-contained and controlled.

Each PDU holds the default spectrum profiles plus 10 slots that each grower can customise. Select which one is executed by the simple press of a button.

You only need outlets.

d9 systems only need to be plugged into normal wall power. There is no need for external switches, dimmers, or timers or complex splice installations.

Open Source IOT Ready.

Each d9 is equipped with WiFi 802.11, Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.3V serial. Future firmware upgrades will enable IOT and other functionality, while the communications and control APIs to the d9 system are open source.

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